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Is there anything cuter than a doll made out of a sock?  Seriously, this is one of those crafts that I've been doing for years.  What I love about sock dolls is they can be anything, from a beloved animal to a snowman. There are just so many possibilities.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  As a kid in school, I used to love the prep that went into this day.  I remember going to Woolworths and pondering over which box of 32 cards I would purchase. Would it be the Fonz with his thumb up saying "ehhh, be my valentine" or Speed Racer wishing you'd "race on over" to be his valentin? I remember sitting at our dining room table laboriously filling each one out, diligently writing each child's name on those mini envelopes, my tongue raw and tasting of gum paste after sealing each one.

The other day I received this amazingly pleasant surprise.  A dear friend of mine, who works for one of our long-time clients, stopped by to pick up some party supplies. Lo and behold when I went to give her a hug I discovered that there was a bump in the way!  

Now, of course, my mind is reeling, as I'm quite sure that my beloved client, the expectant mother's boss, is going to want to host a baby shower sooner or later.  Knowing my friend as I do, we are going to want to host an event that is filled with laughter, games, and good wishes.  

If you have children, you know how quickly trends come and go.  There have been shaped rubber bands, rainbow looms, lokai bracelets, and fidget spinners just to name a few.  What's mind-boggling is how quickly something becomes a trend.  Granted, most come and go pretty quickly, but there are some trends, like