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With Halloween just around the corner, the good folks over at Personal Creations have reached out to me once again to share their take on some easy, cute, and inexpensive Hallow

Perhaps because of the upcoming Perseid meteor shower and the winding down of summer, nostalgic fantasies of backyard camping and nights spent staring at the stars seem to be flooding my memory of late.  

I'm not really a jewelry type of gal.  I wear my wedding ring, a watch, and this surfer girl necklace that my mom's dear friend made for me 3 years ago.  That's about the extent of my personal bodily embellishments.  However, I am a big fan of how people adorn themselves, especially when the embellishments are created by the wearer themselves.

The other day I was helping host a block party for a dear client of mine in what felt like 35 mph gale force winds.  It was crazy - like lift the bounce house up into the air windy.  Craft supplies were sailing off the tables like ninja throwing stars, tablecloths were literally taking flight, and our photo op backdrop had to be lashed to one of the neighbor’s front gates lest it take out the folks posing for a selfie.  All this adds up to one thing....Summer in San Francisco.  

I love exploring different painting techniques with kids.  I especially enjoy projects where children allow their imaginations to run free, outside of the confines of any rules or regulations.  I love to watch as they dig into color combinations and use materials in their own manner.  I'm also a sucker for anything translucent that glows when the light hits it.  Which is why, I will, without a doubt, be adding