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stress relief from Yee Wittle Things via Sophie's World

I don't know about you, but it seems my life just gets more and more stressful each year.  In spite of all the technology that's supposed to make life easier, I find myself having less and less time.  My poor husband has to work a party with me so we can spend time together.  The time we spend in the van driving from event to event has become our quality time, and truthfully, quite precious to me.

There’s nothing prettier than a nicely folded napkin gracing a table.

I’ve always loved fancy napkin folding techniques. I think of it as origami for fabric.  And let’s face it, with less of us sitting down for dinner each night, isn’t it sort of a fun idea to do something fancy when we actually do make the time?

Luckily, Good Housekeeping has come up with 9 astounding napkins that will perk up any family gathering.

I am a huge fan of cardboard!  I use it for making everything from arcade and carnival games, to locker organizers, to dollhouses.  Cardboard is one of the best building tools you can give a kid.

PVC Sand and Water Table | sophie's world

In the kids party biz PVC pipe is an invaluable building supply.  We use it for everything from Harry Potter Quidditch hoops to designing our own water parks.  I've always thought of PVC pipes as oversized tinker toys - you can basically build anything with them.

recycled wind spirals

Summer is here!  Which means it's time to hydrate!  Consequently, it means an ample supply of plastic water bottles for crafting!