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I realize it’s almost Thanksgiving...and I really should be focusing on all things that gobble and get gobbled up...but I just couldn’t wait until next October to share my most recent zombie decorations.  

Hey everyone, I'm going to admit to you, one and all, that I've had a pretty crazy week.  I planned my last official Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  It was a wonderful affair, for a beloved client but the time and energy exerted during this last week reminded me why I had given them up.  As people often say in a break up - "It's not you...it's me". Well it's true, I put so much of myself into these things that I don't have time for anything else.

10 Nov 2016

I promised 3 weeks ago in my Halloween Round Up that I would share all of our Halloween adventures with you. Last week I detailed Our Political Nightmare, the election themed event we created.  This week I bring you - Zombie Prom 2016.

political hell glam | sophie-world.com

A few years ago, we did what I thought would be our last big Halloween party. But as Al Pacino says in the Godfather, “Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.”  Seriously, this year's theme was just too good to pass up.  Given the mess that is this year’s Presidential Election one of our beloved clients suggested we honor it with its own themed Halloween party.  

BTS Halloween | sophie-world.com

Halloween is upon us.  Our first few events are behind us. Everyone is working their fingers to the bone, literally!  

As I mentioned in last week's blog, we’re creating two entirely new themes this year, Zombie Prom and Political Hell.  Both are large events for over 600 people.  That requires a ton of decor, a good deal of it created by my amazing design team Freda and Steve (and my Mom!)

Here’s a little peek at what they have been doing: