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Secret Santa Game|sophie-world.com

I vividly remember playing Secret Santa as a young adult.  It might have been one of the best “grown-up” Christmases ever.  It can be played with any medium to large sized group of people - co-workers, a youth group, scout troop, sports team, etc.

For those of you who have never even heard of Secret Santa, it’s basically a fun way to celebrate the holidays with a group of friends or acquiantances without anyone spending a lot of money on gifts.  In fact, the intention of Secret Santa, as I was taught anyway, was to remove all feelings of obligation for buying everyone a present.  The rules state you are only allowed to gift 1 person.

When I played, my co-workers were an amazingly creative team of writers and artists.  Consequently, our Secret Santa was off the hook, which I’ll explain later.

Sophie and her amazing duct tape christmas wreath

I am truly thankful to have the job I have.  Almost every one of my days in December will be filled with dozens upon dozens of smiling faces, laughing and crafting in their holiday finest.   There is nothing I enjoy more.

With this in mind I bring you some of my favorite winter crafts from my site.

21 Nov 2013
Holiday Advent Calendar DIY|sophie-world.com

In my family the countdown to Christmas was huge.  It always began with the annual presentation of an advent calendar which my grammy or mom would purchase at the local bookstore or Woolworths.  Usually it was a pictorial scene: a snowy village, santa’s workshop, the town of Bethlehem, printed on a heavy cardstock.  Hidden within the image were little perforated windows, each of them numbered, 1 through 25.