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25 Sep 2017
A Super Sweet Stress Relief Kit: You Made It! I Love It!
stress relief from Yee Wittle Things via Sophie's World

I don't know about you, but it seems my life just gets more and more stressful each year.  In spite of all the technology that's supposed to make life easier, I find myself having less and less time.  My poor husband has to work a party with me so we can spend time together.  The time we spend in the van driving from event to event has become our quality time, and truthfully, quite precious to me.

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but as I grow older, I'm finding that I always seem to be chasing time and hence, am always dealing with one form of stress or another. I know it's not just me.  Even my friends who used to balance life and career like a performer in Cirque du Soleil seem to be losing their footings slightly.

So when I stumbled upon this cute little stress management kit from Yee Wittle Things, I knew I had to share.

This tongue-in-cheek little package of goodies serves as a great little reminder that we are all in the same sinking boat and are certainly not alone in our day-to-day struggle to keep our heads above water.  It reminds us to keep a sense of humor about ourselves and the world we have created.  The little packet contains inexpensive items such as a rubber band, for when you are stretched to your limits, a string to keep things tied together, and a (Hershey) kiss to remind you that someone loves you.  Brandi, the creator of Yee Wittle Things, has created a great list of things to get you started, and to which you can add your own personal touches. I'm thinking of adding a broken watch to freeze time!

As a party planner, I've got all these supplies readily on hand. I'm thinking I might make up a bunch to keep on hand so that I can pass them out to all my stressed out friends and clients. That is, if I can find the time to make them.