A Super Baby Party

Celebrate those first birthdays with this Super Baby Party!

It's been crazy town in my world of late.  I'm not sure if other people feel it too, but time just seems to be slipping away this year.  I feel like my life is on fast forward!  I mean...wasn't it just June last week?

Anyway, we've been doing some super fun parties of late, but sadly, I have been HORRIBLE about documenting them.  I know, I know, it's as easy as pulling out your phone, but when you are a party planner those last 15 minutes before the event begins are like a time tunnel, sucking every second from your marrow.  I did happen to grab a few quick shots of our recent "super baby" party.  This was for a beloved client of ours who loves throwing parties for everyone in the neighborhood.  She uses them as ways of touching base with neighbors, friends, family, and school chums.  The celebrations are always incredibly heartfelt and filled with kids squealing and laughing.

Here's a few snapshots from our Super baby theme:

We decorated the gate with explosive signs from Oriental Trading to set the atmosphere the minute the guests walked in. 

Big brightly colored balloons in magenta, turquoise and school bus yellow marked the entrance and served as our own kid friendly "Bat Beacon".

The garage was decorated with more signs and a cardboard cut-out representation of our imagined birthday city.  We pulled out every riding toy the family owned so kids could scootle around if they were feeling rambunctious.  

I had my amazing employee Steve mount this fabulous photo backdrop  on 4 x 8 sheets of cardboard so we could place it wherever the light was best.  Photo props were displayed on a table next to the backdrop to provide an extra bit of fun.

Just for fun, we put a baby spin to our carnival games.  Basketball became dirty diaper basket toss,

complete with mini basketballs wrapped in diapers

Ring toss became baby bottle ring toss

Corn hole became a pacifier toss (complete with wailing baby mouth to fill).

Bowling for baby powder

and sippy cup knockdown completed the carnival aspect.

Kids made their own superhero capes and masks in our crafting area, blew giant bubbles in our bubble zone, and had superhero snacks like Lex Luthor Lemonade and Wonder Woman Water.

I wish I had more pictures to share of the decor and food, but sadly the party started with a bang and continued at a pace that would have made the Flash proud.  It was cake time before any of us even knew it!  However, as far as themes go, this one is definitely a high flyer.