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Stretching your duct tape: The end of the roll

When duct tape crafting you will inevitably end up with lots of cardboard centers and ends of the roll. Don't throw them away! Make some of these amazing crafts.

Duct tape is an awesome craft supply -- no one is denying that! But let’s face it, it’s an expensive product. If I told you how much I spend on duct tape each year, you’d pass out! But the kids (and adults) love it, so I keep using it! But keeping in mind that not everyone has a big budget for tape, I’d like to offer up some ideas to help you stretch your duct tape farther. My husband once made a documentary about barbecue, and in it a fellow said that when they cooked, they “used everything but the ‘oink!’” I thought that was really funny, so with that in mind, I give you part one of a three-part series. I’m calling it “Duct Tape - Using Everything But the Rip!”

For this installment, I’d like to talk to you about the end of the roll of tape. You are going to find about one foot of duct tape that has paper backing instead of sticky backing. This piece should be pulled off and saved (I put all of mine into a shoebox) because they have a multitude of uses!


You can use ends of the roll for embellishment.

1. Embellishments
You can use scissors or fancy paper punches to make shaped “buttons” of duct tape. Make two little holes in the center and you’ve got an instant embellishment for a purse or the like.


Use ends to embellish duct tape wallets

2. Wallet pockets
Because of the paper backing they won’t stick to you cards, so you can add as many as you like in layers. I love these for my ladies' wallets (which I promise into a tutorial as soon as I have time).


Sophie's World shows you how to make tassels out of ends

3. Tassels
Another great embellishment for projects. Take a strip and cut 1 ½ inch slits in a 6 inch piece of end tape. Roll the cut strip from end to end to make a tube with fronds. Secure the top with a sticky back piece of tape... and there you have it... instant tassel.


Use duct tape ends to wave projects

4. Weaving
My sister Freda came up with this one -- just cut the end pieces into strips length-wise. You can then use them for weaving or braiding.

5. Elastic headbands

We’ve got a video where we do these with two-sided duct tape sheets, but it works just as well with the roll ends.

6. Toy pet collars and belts
End rolls are perfect for making doll-sized items. The paper backing make them thinner and a bit more manageable for little projects.  Check out the video Hanna and I made.


Use duct tape ends to make tiny books|sophie-world.com

7. Tiny book covers
Make tiny books using the duct tape as the book jacket. Simply cut the end tape into a four-inch strip and fold in half to make a two-inch book jacket. To make pages for inside, take a few sheets of 2 x 4 thin paper. Stack the papers, fold in half, place the book jacket on the outside and staple at the fold. Instant little book. You can play with the sizes until you find one that works for you -- or your doll!


Sophie shows you how to make tiny frames from ends

8. Tiny picture frames
Great for those wallet sized photos! Take your photo, lay it on the backside of a strip of end tape. Trace the size of the photo. Fold the end tape in half and cut about ⅛ of an inch inside the tracing with scissors. Unfold the tape and secure the photo to the back with regular tape. If you’ve got it, add a magnet to the back (I love using those business card magnets you can get at Staples).


Use duct tape ends to make ruffles|sophie-world.com

Ruffles make great hair bows

9. Ruffle
Using a needle and thread, sew a string through the top of the end piece in and up-and-down pattern. Tie a knot in one end of the string and the push down from the opposite end. Make a few of them, sew or tie them together and make a cool flower-shaped embellishment.


Use duct tape ends to make bookmarks

10. Bookmark
Cut a strip about 6 to 8 inches long, cut one end in a fashionable way (round it, make it pointy, zigzag it...). You can even add a tassel if you like!

Check back for more tape-saving ideas, and how to get the most out of every roll you’ve got!