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Star Wars Party Costumes

My sister Freda came up with these super clever felt Star Wars costumes for a recent party.

The other day we were planning a Star Wars party that featured a photo booth.  The idea was to have cute little costumes for the kids to don as they posed against a Star Wars themed backdrop.

kid in star wars costume|

I began scouring the internet for inexpensive props and costume pieces, but became very discouraged by the price and quality of the items I found.  Lamenting my situation out loud to my sister Freda, she immediately offered her assistance and talents.

The result was the most adorable array of little felt overlays (embellished felt pieces that the kids could just place over top of their own clothing).  I think her creations are so darn cute they need to be shared. Mind you, my sister created these using scrap pieces of felt, a glue gun, and scissors.  Oh, and she literally did all of these in one afternoon.  In a word...A-May-zing!

star wars party guest\