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29 Oct 2012
A Sophie's World Halloween round-up!
Halloween Roundup|sophie-world.com

Happy Halloween week, everybody! As you know, it's my favorite holiday of the year. And so, I thought I'd give all my fellow Halloween-philes ample time to check out our craft, activity, game, and decor ideas! In case you missed it, our YouTube channel is chock full of great how-tos! Our latest is our video companion on how to make a ground-popping ghoul.


Check out the rest of our videos on our YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe so you never miss one! We post new videos every Wednesday and Friday.

In addition to the videos on our YouTube channel, here are the Halloween highlights from Sophie's World. If you've been putting off your decorations, costumes, party, or candy ideas, we're here with some treats and tricks!



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