Read All About It - The First Halloween Decor of 2018

Sophie and her team revel in the first decor of the Halloween season. Following a tradition of the past few years, they create skeletal tableaus - this year all about storybooks.

For the past three years, we've been decorating the front of one of our client's homes for Halloween.  My team and I love it as it really gets the creative juices flowing.  The home has these awesome trees out front - and they serve as the perfect backdrop for our magical mayhem.

They are our very own Macy's windows (and much more fun than Christmas in our book).  Speaking of books, this year we decided to theme our installation.  Every year we've done some sort of tableau, be it a skeleton taking a selfie, or a trapeze artist reaching for her missing mate.  We always strive to tell a little story with each setup.  This year however, we decided to give the whole installation a theme -  books!

It all began last year when I declared that I wanted to do something with a skeleton in a hammock.  From that seed grew the idea of our lazily lounging night crawler spinning out tales for each tree.  His own book highlighting the 5 storybooks chosen.

First up - Project Blue Book,  a story about Area 51 and the alleged discovery of a crashed UFO.This tableau includes a nightwatchman and his trusty hounds searching the grounds while an alien skeleton lays wrapped in what the government would later claim was a "weather balloon".

Next we have Gulliver's Travels, complete with Liliputian skeletons. 

This, I must admit is my personal favorite, and judging by the squeels of all the little children who walked by as we were setting up, will most likely be a big hit with those under 4 feet tall.

A creepy giant hand manipulates our mini skeletal version of Pinnochio

Although given the proportion of his nose, it seems like Pinnoch may have been up to no good when he was captured by the evil Stromboli, the puppetmaster.

This is followed by Peter Pan

 Hook of course is trying to catch that rascally fella Pan, but a miniature Tink intercedes, protecting her beloved, never aging buddy.

Lastly we have George Orwell's 1984

 A skeletal Big Brother looks on as Winston defies the government by writing his true feelings down in a book!

Our Witchy must have tried to improve her spellcasting with a visit to the library.  Sadly, her failure is once again imminent as she is buried in a cascade of falling books.  

Even our little ghosties got into the book theme this year, as they enjoy storytime.

Our Pumpkin patch continues to grow, and is almost reaching the bottom steps.  I suppose at some point we will need to stop adding pumpkins each year....either that...or ask our client to get a bigger house.