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29 Apr 2019
Photo Scavenger Hunts | You Made It! I Love It!

I LOVE treasure hunts.  Whether there are rhyming clues that lead you from one object to another, a map with hidden treasures along the way, or codes that one must crack to find the next destination, I am alllll in.  Case in point, my 30-year-old niece spent Easter with us, and of course, I made her hunt for her basket of See's chocolate.

I think that's why I love this Photo Scavenger Hunt from Shutterfly.  What can be more fun than running around taking pictures of hidden objects.  Oh...I know...making your friends do goofy poses along with the items!

The good folks over at Shutterfly have done an amazing job of compiling 10 awesome templates that fit a variety of themes; whether it's a boring ride in the car, stuck in the house due to inclement weather, or out shopping for dinner, Shutterfly has you covered.  Got older kids with younger siblings, and the zoo has stopped holding its appeal?  Shutterfly has a hunt for you.  Is your flight delayed, again?  There's a hunt that's bound to engage at least 30 minutes of that downtime.

The 10 provided hunts are easy to download and print, and they have both cute illustrations and words for each item.  Which means you can send your 3-year-old out with a camera.  True, you might end up with more photos of fingers, floors, and dog nostrils than you intend, but hey...it's the sport of it that makes it fun.

Don't know how to run a hunt?  Don't worry, Shutterfly has explained it all for you.  

So whether you are looking for a time filler, a party activity, or an inspirational moment you've got the link, use it!  I promise, you won't "shutter" over the planning, and it will totally make time "fly".