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29 Jul 2019
Pet's Rest Cemetery | Colma's Hidden Gem

I am a huge horror fan, although I have to admit I've never read Stephen King's Pet Sematary. When my mom came for a visit the other day, and we had a little time to kill, I thought, "Hey, why not go check out the Colma Pet Cemetery for kicks"?

Something you need to know about Colma, California...there are literally more dead people than living in this County.  No lie...If you look Colma up on Wikipedia you will learn that in the 2010 census there were 1,792 living citizens and 1.5 million dead.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard that right...1.5 million dead people resided in Colma as of 2006.  That's because in the 1900s San Francisco outlawed burials in the City.  In 1924 Colma was founded as a Necropolis, with the dead outnumbering the living 1,000 to 1, earning Colma the humorous motto of "it's great to be alive in Colma".

Which brings us to the Colma Pet's Rest Cemetery and Crematory.  This is a place where beloved pets have been laid to rest.  

I have always loved animals; however, since the passing of my hermit crab Max, 28 years ago, I haven't had a pet in my life; other than the errant gecko that might wander across my patio ceiling in Mexico.  We do have a warehouse kitty we call CeeCee. But she's a feral kitty that we basically feed at our Sophie World soup kitchen.  That being said, there clearly is a bond between humans and pets that I would venture, for some, is as strong, if not stronger, than those between humans.  And Hence, the Pet's Rest Cemetery.

Here one will find odes to "little kitty" that are heart-wrenching in their painful expressions.  You can only imagine how devastated their owners were at their passing.  

This cemetery has it all; from simple wooden fish and dog bone cut-outs (I imagine the owner's son having a thriving side business)

to full out marble tombstones engraved with pictures of the beloved passed pets

(my favorite one is Gosha the guinea pig - he looks totally gangsta' to me!).  

What I love about this spot, is that it seems completely forgotten.  When my mom and I stopped by, we were literally the only ones there.  Even the crematorium seemed to be closed for the day.  It gave us time to wander aimlessly up and down the aisles taking in the different plots. 


There are the hoarders - who seem to place every inanimate object that could possibly mean anything to their passed pet in the 2 x 3 square feet they are allotted, 


The truthful; like the Margolis family who clearly loved Rodney, but had mixed feelings about Sari. 

And the literal, who created a tiny bench for their Sherif Efremov to sit and enjoy the beautiful views from their window.

My mom and I got the giggles after seeing a tombstone for "frisky Sue"  - we sent a picture of that to my Dad...(my mom's name is Sue).

If you happen to find yourself South of San Francisco, with an hour to spare, check out the Pet's Rest Cemetery instead of the Serramonte Mall.  If you are an animal lover, like me, I'm sure you will find the place enchanting...

Now...I think I need to go see if Amazon Prime has Pet Sematary..