Our Zombie Prom

A large corporate Halloween event where guests were invited to their High School Prom only to learn that things in the lab had gone very badly and zombies now ruled the festivities.

I promised 3 weeks ago in my Halloween Round Up that I would share all of our Halloween adventures with you. Last week I detailed Our Political Nightmare, the election themed event we created.  This week I bring you - Zombie Prom 2016.

room overview | sophie-world.com

This was a luncheon for about 700 employees. That meant a very large space to transform.  The event concept was that guests were coming to a High School Prom. When they arrived they were to discover that an accident in the Chemistry Lab had resulted in the release of zombie rats who were infecting everything and everyone in their path.  

Flashing lights and a taped “safety warning” blaring from the speakers helped set the tone as guests walked through the door.  

As the guests rounded the corner, they were greeted by a video from ATMOSFX of zombies breaking through the plaster walls of the school.  Although the school was done up with standard cheesy prom decor such as balloon swags, glitter stars and the largest mirror ball I’ve ever encountered, bloody handprints adorned almost every surface.  

The cafeteria sported our beloved zombie lunch lady Edna, who served up a buffet of harvested body parts while snacking on a severed finger.  

The rats made their way onto the tables, making sure that everyone who attended was “infected” with whimsy, if not a penchant for freshly harvested brains.


Take homes included zombie glasses, severed finger bubbles, and branded votive candles.  A cheesy photo op allowed couples and groups to preserve the memory like a brain in formaldehyde.

Although it was just a short party, the atmosphere was ghoulishly festive, and everyone seemed to have the time of their….lives?