New Year's Fortune Cookies | You Made It! I Love It!

Start the New Year's right with these fortune cookies.

What does New Year's mean to you?  

For many it's a fresh start - a brand new year and a brand new set of priorities.  We make resolutions and promises to ourselves - this year I'll spend more time getting healthy, I'll take time with family and friends, I'll learn something new each day, I'll take a stress management class and learn how to get the idea.  

For others it just means more of the same - just a new calendar on the wall and a new date to remember to write on your checks.

I personally fall into the first category.  Which is why I love Amanda Formaro's cute little New Years Fortune Cookies.  These colorful little paper confections offer up words of encouragement for the New Year.  You can come up with your own fitting comments, or download and print Amanda's list.  Amanda's site Crafts by Amanda might look familiar.  That's because she has so many good ideas on her site that I've highlighted her 3 times before (spoon bugs, popsicle stick sheep, and monster decorations).  As always her steps are easy to follow and well photographed.  

I'm always happy to visit Amanda's site because there is always something new to discover.  This time I unearthed an entire section dedicated to adult and senior crafting.  I'm so happy to see that other folks feel the same way as I do about crafting - it's not just for kids!

I hope you'll ring in the New Year with Amanda and all she has to offer!