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11 Feb 2011
Murphy's Law
Sophie in her sombrero|sophie-world.com

I think Murphy (of Murphy's Law fame - you know, "anything that can go wrong, will") must have a little place in his heart for us small business owners.

Both my husband and I own and operate our own small companies. He has video production, and I've got party planning. Usually, our jobs keep us on the fast-paced setting on the treadmill of life. We both pretty much work 24/7. This, I know, is nothing new to most Americans who spend most of their time trying to balance work, family, and the occasional getaway.

But about five years ago, my husband declared that February would be our month to get away and reconnect. February is typically a slow month for us, and so taking ten days or two weeks is usually fine. Note that I said usually!

This year, well I'm not sure what happened!

For some reason inquiries for February parties started rolling in back to back, like those balls in a bingo machine. Each one made me wince as I had to pass them on to other party planners or try to convince them that little Teddy wouldn't know the difference between his real birthday and a whole different month! (I can just see the poor kid in therapy now... "I don't know, doc. It all started when my parents changed my birthday from February to March. I just don't feel like a Pisces!")

But I swallowed my angst, packed our suitcases, and set out to enjoy my time away. It's important to go someplace with a different perspective, meet new people, experience new foods, try to get internet service...

In years past, Murphy usually waited at least a few days before crashing our party. But not this year! We weren't even out of the San Francisco airport before my husband's phone rang and he had to take an important call that almost made us miss our plane. Seriously, they were doing that "Paging Scott and Sophie... Paging Scott and Sophie," "Please make your way to gate 27," "The pilot and the rest of the crew would like to get moving..."

And I was no better. As soon as we reached our destination and I had connected to my Gmail, I knew I was sunk!

I suppose it's our own fault for choosing a place where we can actually be reached, unlike some of my friends who go totally Robinson Crusoe and completely disconnect from the rest of the world. But hey, it could be worse. After all, there's nothing like the sound of the pounding waves and crying pelicans to help you think of new party ideas!