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02 Mar 2017
A Mini Maker Faire Party

Every Summer I have the pleasure of hosting a week long creativity camp for 8 to 10 boys. We’ve done Minecraft projectsPokemon Go, created our own water parks and even held egg funerals….it’s a blast.  It’s an exclusive camp, which means that while siblings are often seen peeking around the corners at drop-off and pick-up, they are actually not allowed to stay and participate.  

This year, however, I got a call from one of my camper's moms asking if I’d be willing to host a small version of camp for her daughter.  Now mind you, I know this little one well.  Her big brown eyes have been silently pleading with me to invite her to stay at Camp since she was about 3. When her mom asked, I was more than happy to oblige.

We kept it pretty simple.  We created a “mini Maker Faire” so that we could include all the fun things she enjoys.  

For decor I re-created the Maker Faire 10 year anniversary logo to reflect our birthday girl’s name and age.  

Freda then used the image to create cute signage for each of the Maker stations.  

We decided upon using the garage as our base to not only keep the house clean, but also offer up that “industrial” feel.

Lately the Birthday girl and her friends have been sewing at school, so we started out by making glove-to-puses; the inspired creation of Peter Gardner. I saw these for the first time about 2 years ago at the actual Maker Faire in San Mateo and was blown away.  In the year since discovering his cuties, we’ve also added what we call Toe-ta-pie which are made from toe socks.  They are more of a cephalopod, since they have 10 appendages, but like their wooly friends, they are completely engaging and full of individual character.

From there we used our fabulous Snap Circuit kits (link to try it don’t buy it video) to create various electrical devices.  Each group gave a “presentation” about their creation, sharing how they made it, and what it did.

Next, we moved on to make lava lamps and finally ended up with what we called “free build”, where the girls made everything from mechanical looking robots to beds for their octopi.  

I’m not sure if this party will fully satisfy our little spies desire to attend her brother’s summer camp - but at least she had one day where she and her friends were able to say - “NO BOYS ALLOWED”.