Mini Ice Cream Charms | You Made It! I Love It!

It's never a bad time for Ice Cream! Sophie adores these handmade mini ice cream charms from Handmade Charlotte.

Although I usually equate ice cream cones with summer, I didn't want to have to wait another 9 months to showcase these mini showstoppers from Handmade Charlotte.  

I've highlighted HC a few times before; most recently for their constellation flashlight and also the adorable twizzler decorated birthday cake.  This post from Kathleen Ballos ranks high up there on the cuteness scale! 

At first, I was having a hard time figuring out what Kathleen used for the ice cream...but evidently, Forever 21 has these crazy colored, crazy shaped make-up sponges that inspired these dripless confections!  Way to think outside the make-up bag, Kathleen!

The steps are easy to follow and the photos totally engaging.  If I were to change anything about the craft, I might make the cone out of a stiff felt for longevity and add some sort of clip to the top so the cones could be transferred easily and traded with friends.

With a summer that literally disappeared in the blink of an eye this year, I find myself feeling nostalgic for those non-existent lazy days. However, I think these adorable creations  should be shared now, even though most folks are already turning to Halloween.  Truthfully, I think these little cones could "lick" a ghostie in a cuteness craft off...don't you?