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13 Jul 2017
Mexican Ingenuity
mexican walkway

As I have written and said many times,

I am constantly impressed by the inventiveness and sheer creativity of our Mexican friends and neighbors.  

Case in point, our condo in Punta Mita.  Our complex houses about 85 individual units in 5 large buildings.  The pathways between the buildings used to be lined with grass and foliage.  

However, water shortages and issues with the irrigation system meant either replacing the entire system, which was going to be expensive, or coming up with a no-water solution.  

Of course our Mexican gardeners figured it out and were able to replace all the grass with fun stone.  The best thing is they just used stuff they found around the facility. 

I thought I’d share our Mexican McGyver’s creations.  

I am particularly fond of the whale and the surfer.