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25 Sep 2015
Me, a Luminary?
Me a luminary?|Ifonly.com|sophie-world.com

A few weeks ago, my husband Scott received an inquiry about having me and Sophie’s World become a “local luminary”.  My immediate response was, “isn’t that a light you use along a pathway at Halloween?"

Turns out, there is another definition.  Evidently a luminary is a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere.  How cool!  

The call had come from a website called If Only.  If Only "offers unique and memorable experiences with top luminaries in their field".  In our case, we’ll be providing some of my favorite birthday parties, classes and experiences.

ifonly.com|duct tape workshop|sophie-world.com

my duct tape crafting workshop 

The thing I most admire about the site is that they are equally dedicated to helping those in need.  For each experience sold a donation is made to a charity of the luminaries choice. In our case, we have chosen InnVision Shelter Network.  If you follow my blog you know that we work with this extraordinary organization throughout the year doing what we can to help them support homeless families and individuals on the SF Peninsula.

Innviosion Shelter Network|carolands|sophieworld.com

working with the kids at an InnVision event

I'm grateful to everyone at IfOnly for including me and honored to be considered among San Francisco's luminaries.  I mean, how often is it that one gets to do what one loves and at the same time, raise some money for an important cause.  It’s a win-win situation all around.

If you have a moment check out If Only.  Who knows, you might find an experience you’ve been dying to try is just a click away!