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21 Apr 2016
Labels, Labels, Labels...
Labels, labels, labels... all about my label provider, OnlineLabels.com.

At the risk of sounding like a paid spokesperson (trust me - I’m not) I need to gush about my label provider!

I create a ton of personalized labels and tags for my clients.  A trademark of my business is that everything from name tags to goodie bags gets a little personalized stamp of some sort! My life has gotten so much easier thanks to onlinelabels.com.  Onlinelabels.com has basically every size, shape, and style (matte, gloss, removable, permanent, textured, you name it). Plus, you can buy in large quantities.  Granted, if you’re not a party planner you may not feel the need to order 10,000 1-inch square stickers. However, if you are looking for odd labels which you can’t find anywhere else, this is the place.

 Labels used at a recent "kawaii" themed party

Thanks to Online Labels.com I’ve created personalized Bingo boards, where kids take themed labels and create their own cards, minecraft swords, and hundred of “thank you” tags. The best part about buying labels here is once you’ve purchased their products you have access to their amazing design program, Maestro Label Design.  The program is relatively easy to use. You can upload your own images or use one of their over 11,000 clip art images.  Nervous about creating your own design?  Online Labels literally has hundreds of designs for each size label.  As a gib DIY girl, I love that the program saves all my templates, artwork, and creations. I can access them any time I want. Plus, the program allows you to personalize each sticker if you want...which is perfect for my bingo board craft!

Some of my potions labels

I’m in love!  And I just wanted to share the resource with any of you out there who might be tired of trying to find those 1/2 inch circles to personalize your Hershey’s kisses or gold oval labels for that tube invitation.  

Labels were used to make these candies look like dynamite at a Minecraft themed party

In a day and age where everyone seems to be branding everything Onlinelabels.com is the best resource I know.