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14 Jan 2019
Kid-Friendly Podcasts: You Made It! I Love It!

Okay, I must admit to one very, very serious passion.  It's podcasts.  I'm addicted to them.  If I don't get my daily dose of No Sleep, Snap Judgment, Earhustle, or anything by Aaron Mahnke I'm a beast.  I never forget my iPad, because it's the first thing I do when I get in the car - plug that puppy in!  I crave long, lonely drives because it just means I get more time to listen.  

My love for the spoken word and radio began when I was a young child.  My Pop Yocom was an amazing storyteller and wordsmith. My Grammy was a teacher who would buy recorded stories. I remember many a day when we sat at the kitchen table crafting while listening to the "Cricket Magazine Album".  I would fall asleep each night listening to Three Horn the Dinosaur on my Close and Play Phonograph.  Yes, dear reader, I grew up in a time before Audible.com. In fact I've been privy to books on vinyl, books on tape, books on CD, and now books as digital downloads.  I would make weekly trips to the library to borrow whatever I could.  I own all seven of the Harry Potter CD's which, up until my sister turned me onto podcasts in 2016, I listened to religiously from beginning to end at least twice a year. (FYI I now own all 7 books as digital recordings, thank you Audible.com).

I think that's why I was intrigued when Zachary over at The Zebra sent me this amazing post on kid-friendly podcasts.  What a great way to share the spoken word - in the car with your children.  Just FYI, The Zebra is not a spot where I would normally look for my "You Made It" blogs. I'm always searching kid's sites, mommy blogs, and Pinterest pages.  The Zebra is an insurance website.  Called the "Kayak of Insurance" since Keith Melnick became their CEO, the site helps you navigate your way through the confusing world of insurance.   Funny site to find a fun list of kid’s podcasts, don't you think?  However, when you consider that a good percentage of a parent's day is spent schlepping their charges from one activity to another, it's probably a wise idea to offer up some solid entertainment that can keep the kids engaged so you can focus on your driving.  Sure, you could hand them a tablet and let them drift into their own world, but wouldn't it be nice to spend your car time as bonding time, listening to something both you and your children can enjoy together.  Who knows, it might even spawn interesting dinner conversation.

The list is great - it's divided into age brackets and it gives a short description of what to expect on the podcast.  Personally, I think I'm going to have to check out The Unexplainable Disappearance of Max Patel and Story Pirates, they both sound right up my alley.

So, if you are in need of some insurance advice or a way to keep the family engaged while driving to those endless soccer tournaments, I suggest you check out The Zebra and get tuned in to some new podcasts.