Sophie's Holiday Calendar|

Join Sophie and her Elves for Holiday Crafting

The holidays are upon us and Sophie and her elves are very busy! Please join us at one of these events! Come meet Sophie and her teams and make some great holiday crafts.

The Holidays have officially arrived at Sophie's World.  I and my little "elves" have been extremely busy readying our decor, creating new crafts and baking lots of gingerbread.  Okay, that last part isn't really true.  I'm a terrible baker.   Fortunately we have some amazing bakeries in the Bay Area and they have been busy making all the gingerbread houses and men we might need.

From today until the end of 2014, I and my team will be doing quite a few public events throughout the SF Bay Area and on local TV.  If you live nearby we would love to have you come join us.  We'll be doing holiday crafts, yarn crafts and of course, duct tape!

You can find all of the details on our calendar.  

We hope to see you there!  Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!