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07 May 2018
How to Make Window Art from Glue and Food Coloring | You Made It! I Love It!

I love exploring different painting techniques with kids.  I especially enjoy projects where children allow their imaginations to run free, outside of the confines of any rules or regulations.  I love to watch as they dig into color combinations and use materials in their own manner.  I'm also a sucker for anything translucent that glows when the light hits it.  Which is why, I will, without a doubt, be adding this project to my summer camp painting day.

My discovery of this craft began with a trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole.  It started with a post on BuzzFeed that featured 26 Useful Dollar Store Finds.

Being that I am a complete Dollar Store addict, I couldn't pass up the chance to peruse the writings of someone else who needs an intervention as badly as myself.  But low and behold, there, in the middle of the post was this awesome picture frame window art, so clickety slippety down the bunny hole I go.

That post led me to "still parenting", a site created by Arianne featuring her 5 beautiful kids.  Her photos are awesome, and she gives some amazing insights into the actual craft itself.  I love that she gives us more than just pretty pictures, she explains about the leaking, the cleanup, and her children's expectations.  She gives us a good sense of what we can really expect from doing this craft, and since she has experienced the process with 4 children at one time, I think her words of wisdom are well heeded.  

Arianne's site led me to her inspiration site, Play at Home Mom, another great site dedicated to allowing children to learn through play.

I just love how this project puts the control of creation directly into the children's hands.

Once the basic tools have been assembled (gluing the glass to the picture frames, mixing up the paint in squeezy bottles, and hermetically sealing your work space) kids of all ages should be able to handle this project on their own.

I'm a very firm believer in sharing praise where praise is due...so thank you BuzzFeed, thank you Arianne, and thank you Play at Home Mom, for this amazing art project that is sure to inspire my little campers and hopefully anyone who stumbles across this post.

* Note - in the time since I posted this Arianne's "still parenting" blog has been taken private.  But the other links to this project remain functional.