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How to Make Photo Snow Globes

DIY Personalized Snow Globe Party Favors

Being a party planner can have it’s stressful moments. Take for example a situation that arose about a month ago. I was planning what was to be the first of a string of Frozen parties. I’d done my research, found all my supplies, and put in my order with one of my vendors for photo snow globes. This item was meant to be the take home gift. My client was very excited about this personalized goodie. So you can understand how shaken I was when the box from the vendor showed up missing the entire order of snow globes! Immediately, my assistant was on the phone.  She was informed that the item was seasonal and no longer available. Had the vendor informed us 2 weeks prior when we’d placed the order, we could have most likely found a suitable replacement, but now, we were 2 days out from the event. I was in a complete tailspin.

It’s moments like these that test one’s patience, but also spark creative solutions. After storming around the office, ranting and raving like a mad weasel, I settled down with my team to assess what we might have in stock. Luckily for us, we had about 45 cute little plastic bottles that with a bit of ingenuity became the perfect photo snow globe.

Personalized Snow Globe|Photoshoot|

Quick! Let's make this work

The step by step directions to create the snow globes are here.

Besides your jars, you will need a few rather unusual supplies, but most of them can be found on Amazon:

Personalized Snow Globe|Materials|

A Photo Printer

Full Sheet Labels

Small, Waterproof Characters

Floral Clay

Teflon Pipe Tape

Step by step instructions

When all was said and done, we ended up with a better final product. It was much cuter and much more personalized than the originally planned item. However, I’d rather not have to go through that strife again if I don’t have to. What did I learn from this experience? If your vendor doesn’t send you a confirmed packing slip, call them!  

Personalized Snow Globe|Final Product|

Phew! All done