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30 Nov 2015
How to Make Marshmallow Dreidels | You Made It! I Love It!

Hanukkah is finally beginning to get the crafting attention it deserves.  For so long it’s been marginalized, hidden behind it's big headed siblings Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Granted, from a marketing perspective, it’s not the easiest to pin down; the date changes every year, there’s no real central figure, it last 8-nights, and no one can spell it….

Lately however there’s been a flurry of fun Hanukkah crafts and treats (thank you Pinterest).  And with Hanukkah coming early this year (the first night is December 6th) I thought it would be fun to feature one of these cute little treats I’ve found.

Tori, over at ToriAvey.com, has an adorable marshmallow dreidel that may not be great for playing dreidel, but looks like a ton of fun to make.  Her step by step instructions and photos are easy to follow. The ingredients are readily available at your local supermarket (a few of the versions I stumbled upon used candy melts, which are great, but can be hard to find).  I love the way she has the four Hebrew letters easily displayed as well, so that you can make your dreidels more authentic,  She also explains the meaning behind the letters and gives a bit of historical context to the project.  Tori’s whole site is dedicated to exploring the history and stories behind food, and gives you a great primer for kosher cooking. 

The Jewish traditions are amazingly deep and long lived.  It’s great to be able to find sites that recognize them and share ideas for celebrating together.  Whether you are holding your own Hanukkah party, or just want to open your children’s eyes to another culture, Tori’s site is a great one to explore.