Homemade Flashlight Constellations | You Made It! I Love It!

Light up the summer skies with your own homemade constellations from Homemade Charlotte.

Perhaps because of the upcoming Perseid meteor shower and the winding down of summer, nostalgic fantasies of backyard camping and nights spent staring at the stars seem to be flooding my memory of late.  

In praise of those heavenly bodies, I bring you a super fun craft from the pages of Handmade Charlotte.  I've featured Handmade Charlotte before.  They are the presenters of the ever adorable twizzler birthday cake.  This craft speaks to the summer camp counselor in me.  I remember making these as a kid studying astronomy!  And yes, they may be a far cry from your constellation app, but there's something heartwarming about creating your very own bedroom star show.  

The post, written by Kersey Campbell, is easy to follow.  The photos are great and the directions concise.  She suggests painting the silver flashlight cup with black paint to heighten the glow. This is a totally new concept for me and one that I'm definitely going to test when I make my own version.  

The only suggestion I might have is how to transfer the constellation dots to the black paper.  I would suggest using a piece of vellum, wax paper, or parchment paper to trace the various constellations from an actual print out, then lay that on top of the black discs and puncture through both sheets with my awl or needle.  I think I would also label the constellation discs with a white or silver marker so I could keep them all straight.

Although it seems nowadays that Summer is just as hectic as the school year, I still hold out a little hope for a few last lazy days and nights.  I think it's time to dig out that old sleeping bag, grab my trusty flashlight, and make a beeline for the nearest backyard.  This post, and many others on the site, will definitely help guide the way to filling those stress-free moments.  So pop on over to Handmade Charlotte  and see for yourself.  You're bound to "light" upon something fun.