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A Handmade Advent Calendar

The story of a handmade calendar created especially for the biggest kid in Sophie's family.

It’s widely accepted that Christmas is a holiday for children; no school, playing in the snow, presents under the tree. It’s all about seeing those little faces light up with glee. In our family however, there is one person, more than any other, who loves Christmas presents. That’s my Dad, fondly referred to as “Deed” or “Al the Pal”.  My Deed is one of those guys who revels in presents, no matter what size.  He adores little treats, tiny toys, movies and video games. Basically, my Deed is a big kid.  

When my sister Freda and I were young, we always had an advent calendar to help us count down the days to Christmas.  I loved their winter scenes, hidden doors, miniscule pictures, and glitter coating.  Whenever I see one in a bookstore window, it brings on a wave of nostalgia so strong I can almost smell the spiced cider and hear the Christmas carols.

As we grew older, Freda took over this annual tradition, not for herself or for her own children. Oh no, she took it on for our one and only Deed!  Combining our Deed’s love of presents with the countdown to Christmas, Freda came up with “a present a day” advent calendar.  In year’s past, Freda created one out of duct tape rolls but given how busy this season has been she’s come up with a simplified version that is just as cute and exciting.  Since she is the master behind the mission, I will let her explain the technique, and share her insights.

It is always fun to give a father who loves presents something to look forward to for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. This year, after the previously mentioned Duct Tape Advent Calendar fell apart from a few years use I decided to do little bags and boxes with numbers on them to count down the days to Christmas. What could be better then a slowly decreasing pile of presents? 

First I enjoyed shopping at some local stores gathering 24 funny little gifts. Everything from food treats he would never buy for himself to little gift cards, art supplies and candy

Then I just rummaged through Sophie's collection of pretty colored bags and boxes. I stuffed the goodies inside. One per bag or box. 

Once all wrapped I used round stickers that I numbered one through twenty four to designate a gift a day.

My father was very pleased to get the little gifts. He told me he lined them up on his picture windowsill in numerical order and is looking forward to the First of December to get started. 

I talk on the phone with our parents most days. During the month of December when he has an advent calendar years it always gives us something to chat about. What he got, how well he liked it… you know, the normal thing a 36 year old discusses with their 72 year old Dad. This is a sweet holiday tradition I really enjoy. Perhaps it is something your children or "young at heart" family member would also delight in. There really is something about receiving a little gift that makes one a bit more excited to greet the day.