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16 Oct 2017
Halloween Decor 2017

Say what you will about Christmas, but for me, there is no better time to decorate than Halloween.  I just adore all the creepy, crawly, icky, sticky, monstrously fabulous decorations that grace the shelves each year.  One of the best things about being a party planner is the repeat clients who book us yearly to decorate and create events for them.  It’s something I look forward to and start planning months in advance. 

This year we took the tree lined corner of my client's home and built upon the concept we started last year.  Ghosts in the garden and skeletons in the trees.  This year was extra special, because we set up on a school holiday, which meant my client’s two darling girls were able to help decorate.  They added so much to the process, and made the day all the better by their input.

The trees make perfect backdrops for our skeleton tableaus.

This year they included:

A trapeze artist swinging from the first tree, stretching her arms out to catch unsuspecting passersby.

Nearby, two loggers attempt to saw down one of our precious trees, whether for profit or for mischief is still undetermined.

Next door a paleontologist makes an amazing discovery of a triceratops skull,

totally oblivious to the danger that lies above in the form of a tree dwelling caveman.

Our homage to the release of “IT” by Stephen King, finds Pennywise the clown tempting little Georgie with a paper boat.

The next tree finds our poor cat from last Halloween in yet another predicament.  This time the dogs are chasing her up the tree,

however, her safe haven is thwarted by a bunch of not so friendly birds, which leaves our kitty in a very precarious position.

Lastly, our corner tree is graced by a creepy skeleton girl on a swing, her lank black hair hiding her ghastly grin which beckons and dares all that pass to stop and give her a push.

Our darling ghosties are playing a game of “Hide and Ghoul seek” this year.  

And our ever clumsy witch has attempted yet again, another unsuccessful spell.  

One of the things that makes this fun is that we get to build upon our storehouse year after year, adding new elements that allow us to rethink what we did previously.  It keeps things exciting.  I’m already thinking about what mischief our skeleton friends might get into in 2018!