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21 May 2018
Gourmet S'Mores - You Made It! I Love It!

The other day I was helping host a block party for a dear client of mine in what felt like 35 mph gale force winds.  It was crazy - like lift the bounce house up into the air windy.  Craft supplies were sailing off the tables like ninja throwing stars, tablecloths were literally taking flight, and our photo-op backdrop had to be lashed to one of the neighbor’s front gates lest it take out the folks posing for a selfie.  All this adds up to one thing....Summer in San Francisco.  

Being that this is Northern California, summer means escaping our fair city and heading off to warmer climes (this literally means 10 miles in any direction).  One of the things that has become big around here is Glamping.  For those of you who have never heard the term, it's gloriously decadent "camping".  Summer camp for us spoiled adults who want to revisit those old Girl and Boy Scouting days without deflating air mattresses and moth-eaten sleeping bags.  Spots like Autocamp where guest stay in tricked out Airstreams, Treehouse camping which completely fulfill all my childhood fantasies well beyond my cousin and my sorry excuse for a tree fort, fancy tents that evoke the Four Seasons in the forest and even Mongolian Yurts that feel like exotic palaces in of all places, the Gold Country. 

All of this is a very long-winded (long worded?) way of getting to my highlighted site this week - Gourmet S'mores.  

The good folks over at Wayfair who's Hot Chocolate Bar I highlighted last December have offered up a totally tantalizing menu of over the top S'mores for your glamping pleasure.  And let's face it, doesn't everyone have to partake of s'mores at least once every summer?  I warn you though, these offerings are not your grandma's s'mores, these delectable dandies are right up there with Kobe beef hamburgers - you may want to break out your stainless steel roasting sticks for your marshmallows.

As always Wayfair presents us with gorgeous photos that will make your mouth water and simple instructions that will convince you to up your campfire game.  So, whether you are looking to kick 4th of July festivities up a notch, or make your next backyard barbeque the talk of the Summer, I think you'll find these offerings from Wayfair are too sweet to pass up.