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18 Feb 2019
Fingerprint Art

I guess you could say I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, even if I was too young to know what the word meant.  When I was 12 I decided to set up my own little business making handmade fingerprint art.  I had discovered these tiny little plastic frames at Woolworths, 10 for $1.00, and thought they would be perfect for tiny personalized pieces of art.  

I had always loved cartooning, and fingerprint cartoons were just so easy to create.  I remember I used a pilot razor point pen and a red ink pad because that, in my mind, gave the crispest look to the cartoons. 

I rarely used colored markers, instead relying on the red of the fingerprint and the contrasting black pen ink to create a crisp look.

My thought was to have the client place their fingerprint on a sheet of paper, then tell me their job, hobby, or passion and I would then draw them their own personalized thumb portraits.

I even had a name for my company and a slogan - "Imprints" little pieces of art that leave a big impression.  I can't say that my first venture was very successful, I think I gave away more imprints than I sold, but it was fun to do, and I kept it up until Woolworths raised the prices on the frames to 50 cents each.  Then I turned to other interests and activities.


In a recent cleaning purge I discoverd some of my "promotional" materials and thought they might be fun to share.  I personally am fascinated by my 12-year-old self's  ingenuity.   It certainly left it's mark on me.