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17 Dec 2018
Festive Christmas Crafts for Kids | You Made It! I Love It!
I have to admit to a little blog post crush/envy! 
Andreja Vucajnk has offered up the cutest array of kid Christmas crafts on her site Easy Peasy and Fun!  What started out as a search for one snowflake craft turned into a literal snowbank of fun!   I am particularly fond of the construction paper reindeers and yarn wrapped Christmas trees but the yarn hat ornaments really stole my heart.  
I think what I love most about Andreaja's post is that this is no mere hunt and post round-up. Each and every craft is her own. I can attest for the fact that each tutorial is clear, concise, and beautifully photographed.
If you have children who love to craft this site is a literal library of inspiration.  And the best part?  These are inexpensive crafts that use basic crafting supplies instead of "hard to find, gotta make a trip to Michaels" materials.  
Andreaja has all seasons and major holidays covered, not just Christmas.  So whether you are looking for something unique for this wintery school break or just something cute to occupy the kids while you're secretly wrapping presents, I guarantee you will find something inspiring here.  I know that I personally am going to bookmark this site for future posts.  There's just so much good stuff here.  The site is sort of like Mary Poppins' carpet bag; the surprises are neverending.