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11 Sep 2017
Fabulous Folded Napkins: You Made It! I Love It!

There’s nothing prettier than a nicely folded napkin gracing a table.

I’ve always loved fancy napkin folding techniques. I think of it as origami for fabric.  And let’s face it, with less of us sitting down for dinner each night, isn’t it sort of a fun idea to do something fancy when we actually do make the time?

Luckily, Good Housekeeping has come up with 9 astounding napkins that will perk up any family gathering.

Each piece of napkin art comes with an easy to follow video and a link to where you can buy the necessary napkins and how much you can expect to pay for the supplies.  

Whether you choose to go with paper or fabric napkins, these suggestions are bound to bring a smile to your family or guest’s faces.  So go ahead, grab some napkins and get folding - nothing makes pizza night seem more chic than a Bird of Paradise napkin, unless you take the watermelon idea, and turn it into a slice of pizza!