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26 Feb 2018
Every Sock Doll You Can Imagine! : You Made It! I Love It!

Is there anything cuter than a doll made out of a sock?  Seriously, this is one of those crafts that I've been doing for years.  What I love about sock dolls is they can be anything, from a beloved animal to a snowman. There are just so many possibilities.

That's why I love Danielle's Place!  They have over a dozen adorable no-sew sock dolls to inspire every imagination.  The basic instructions, which include not only photos but very detailed line drawings, are super easy to follow.  I love the fact that they use a variety of socks in their creations, everything from fuzzy baby socks to those cute frilly girly socks that always remind me of Shirley Temple.  

While you're on the site, make sure to check out all the educational material.  Danielle's Place has tons of boredom-busting activities and printables.   There is a membership program for downloading templates and worksheets. However, if you are a homeschooler or teacher the fee is low, and the resources are endless.  There's a ton of free stuff as well, so don't let the membership icon scare you off.

Here's hoping you'll find Danielle's Place as useful and inspiring as I do.  Follow the directions with your kids, and I can guarantee a “sock-cessful” outcome!