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01 Jan 2015
An Elf in the Office
Elf in the Office|10 Days of Madness|sophie-world.com

Last year, I was introduced to the marketing phenomenon known as the “Elf on the Shelf”.  The funny thing is, I remember that same elf from my childhood.  My Grammy Yocom had one. It made it’s way out of the dusty decor boxes every Christmas to perch upon her fireplace mantel.  At that point in time there was no “legend” that accompanied him.  He was just a little stuffed elf with a funny plastic face that had been in our family for years.  

This year, while perusing the bargain bins at Target, I couldn’t help snatching up the $3.00 “ornament” version of the elf.  I took him back to the office, where he immediately began wreaking havoc. Thank goodness he didn’t join us until 10 days before Christmas!  I shudder to think what a full 24 days of his antics would have done to our team.  

Here are some of the more memorable moments from his stay with us. 

Day 1

Elfie decided to dress up as Miley Cyrus (complete with a photo image mask) and swing from a Christmas ornament “wrecking ball” - right in front of my computer!  Thank goodness Elfie’s clothes are sewn on!

Elf on Shelf|Miley Cyrus|Wrecking Ball|sophie-world.com

Day 2

A very disturbing sight greeted me when I arrived at the office.  Clearly, Elfie was feeling threatened by Umi and Ted, and decided to hold them at (glue) gunpoint!  Needless to say, I rescued them both, and made sure to get them treated for PTED (post traumatic elf disorder).

Elf on Shelf|Gunpoint|Stuffed Hostages|sophie-world.com

Day 3

Elfie is found face down in the candy bin...not pretty.  The office considers an intervention.

Day 4 

Elfie is found frolicking in the icebox making snowmen.  We consider this a good step in his recovery.

Day 5 

Elfie gets into some extreme sports, using a pipe cleaner to zipline across the office.

Elf on Shelf|Adventure|Zipline|sophie-world.com

Day 6

Elfie gets into the staff supply of healthy snacks.  How he learned how to use the microwave is anybody’s guess.

Elf on Shelf|Healthy Snacks|Popcorn Plunge|sophie-world.com

Day 7

Elfie gets into the Christmas spirit and wraps the toilet!

Elf on Shelf|Toilet|Christmas Spirit|sophie-world.com

Day 8

In an odd outburst, Elfie attacks Freda’s dress form.  We can only assume he does not like the idea of us doing a duct tape dress making video…

Day 9 

Elfie lashes out, defiling Scott’s office photo of the two of us.

Day 10

The office rebels.  Ted, Riley, and Umi stage a revolt and force Elfie out.  He will now go into a box to think about what he has done...until next year, that is.


 * For those of you unfamiliar with the story - the toy elf sits on a shelf observing the children of the family and reporting back to Santa every night; sort of like an undercover agent for the Naughty or Nice patrol.  The idea is that every morning the elf turns up in a different place in the house, to prove to the household that his comings and goings are real.