Easter Bunny Footprints | You Made It! I Love It!

Sophie loves these wonderfully simple Easter ideas.

When I was a child, my Grammy Yocom used to make Easter as special as Christmas. She was known for awesome egg-dying parties, impressive brunches and elaborate hunts after Sunday sunrise service.  It was a wonderful gift she gave to her grandchildren every year, and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I think she would have loved this post from our friends over at Personal Creations. Their template and instructions for bunny footprints would have been right up her alley.  I can just see her in my mind's eye - creating different paths for each of her grandkids to follow.  Knowing her she would have found a way to color each set of footprints for each child!

The site has everything you need, along with helpful tips for indoor and outdoor applications, to create a magical moment for your little ones.  The site also offers up some cute offerings for the beloved bunny as well.  There is an adorable carrot poem (hey, a bunny gets hungry when he's hopping from home to home) and even a mad-lib type letter to the big guy himself.  Everything is offered up for free, with easily downloaded templates.

So if you want to do something special this Easter, why not hop on over to Personal Creations and check out their Easter post.  I guarantee you'll find it as "egg"-cellent as I do.