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21 Aug 2014
The Doughnut Olympics
Doughnut Olympics|sophie-world.com

One of the best things about my job as a party planner is when I get a great client who trusts me enough to give me an idea and then let me run with it.  Case in point, a recent company picnic.  

I’ve been doing a couple of events a year for this company for nearly 10 years.  Over the years we’ve done every imaginable theme from Amazing Race to Cars, to Cowboys and Aliens.  No matter the theme there is always one constant in these events - a competition of some sort.  The kids and adults in this group love friendly competitions, from volleyball to silly challenges.  Generally, my team creates a series of team building activities in which company members and their families engage in a variety of physical and mental challenges loosely based on the theme of the party.  

This year, my client said to me, “Sophie, can we do a Doughnut Olympics?”

Donut table|sophie-world.com

Remnants of a decorating contest.

After I stopped jumping up and down and squealing like a kid on a roller coaster, I answered with a fervent, ear shattering, “YES”!   This is what makes my job a joy!

Donuts on head|sophie-world.com

The "Stack-Up" game is hysterical

Without further ado...I give you...THE DOUGHNUT OLYMPICS!

Of course, the best part of any olympics is the awards ceremony, so make sure you save out some of those doughnuts on a string to serve as medals...first place - chocolate dipped, second place - cinnamon sugar, third place - powdered sugar, all other places….big, sticky, smiles!