DIY Halloween Hats - You Made It! I Love It!

Sophie loves these simple handmade Halloween hats,

With Halloween just around the corner, the good folks over at Personal Creations have reached out to me once again to share their take on some easy, cute, and inexpensive Halloween headgear for the kiddos.

 Kids love Halloween, so why not get them into the spirit early by creating these simple costume pieces.  The site has everything you need - easy to follow instruction, inspirational photos to entice your little ones, and downloadable templates that you can print at home.  My personal favorites are the spider and the bat.  I think it's the eyes on the spider and the teeth on the bat that makes me giggle.  

Before you know it, Halloween will be here, so why not start the festivities with a trip over to Personal Creations where you'll find more than just hats!  Make sure you check out the monster making center  and all of the amazing activities under their "How To" section.  The resources are endless, from funny jokes to put in your kid's lunchbox to how to make your own teepee.  I especially loved the section on wine pairings with kids' leftovers and 21 unique guest book alternatives for weddings.  Quite frankly there's something for everyone here.

I encourage you to pop on over for a quick look - I guarantee you'll think it's as "spooktacular" as I do!