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03 Dec 2018
A Cutter Quilt Snowman | You Made It! I Love It!

When Jess over at Jen Reviews sent me her link to this adorable handmade snowman I was transported back to my Grammy's living room.  When I was a child my mom, grammy and 10 of their friends would host a weekly quilter's corner.  It was a chance for all the ladies to get together to chat, snack, and create quilts.  Each month they would focus on one member's quilt.  That member would choose the pattern, the fabrics, and overall design.  Each of the ladies would then work on one square for the quilt.  Once the squares were done they would work as a group to connect all the squares and add the backing.  By the end of the month that member would have a quilt.  

The club was a great way to strengthen friendships while learning new techniques and come away with something beautiful and useful.  I am the recipients of one of these quilts and I treasure it.

Now...I must be honest, I can't bear the thought of cutting up one of my family quilts, but I absolutely love this idea, and could see myself making one of these snowmen using different worn out fabrics.  I'm thinking old drapes, tablecloths or sheets.  One of the things I love most about this post is Cyndee Kromminga's tutorial on how to make a circle template!  It's brilliant!  No more scrounging around for the appropriately sizes plates, bowls, or trays to trace - you can make your own circle templates to any size you wish using a simple fold and cut technique (and no, I'm not going to reveal it here - you have to go check out the post).

If you're looking for a cute piece of homemade decor this holiday season I suggest you check out Jen Reviews, there you'll find the full tutorial for not only making the perfect circle pattern and fabric snowman but also sports, recipes, and daily life advice. It's a one-stop shop that won't leave you out in the cold.