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24 Jul 2014
Connor - I am a Unicyclist
I am a unicyclist|Guest Blog by Connor|sophie-world.com

A guest post from my friend Connor:

I am a unicyclist. Believe it or not, “unicyclist” is a real word. 

I still don’t know how I managed to tame this ridiculous vehicle. I remember it took a lot of falling over. 

I got my first 20-inch unicycle as a birthday present when I was ten. I spent weeks getting on it and riding a few more inches everyday before falling over. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I could ride it over a hundred feet without face planting. Now I can ride indefinitely. The first thing you learn to do is step off when you feel that you are losing your balance. Then you prop yourself up against a wall and ride as far as you can.

I have ridden my unicycle to stores and restaurants, and even to school! 

Once I rode past a moving car and the driver was taking a video of me, which isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do!  That was just one reaction. 

I get stares and strange looks too. I don’t mind.  In fact, I think those looks are what fueled me to take up such a unique hobby. 

Riding a unicycle is a very different experience.  You feel very empowered, as you aren’t holding any handlebars, yet you still have total control. I like to joke that it’s a bike without the training wheel. No offence to bikers, but come on! Unicycles are pretty darn cool. 

I have no intention of joining a circus (I can’t juggle, yet.) 

I ride my unicycle just because I can.

You should try it sometime, just be sure to wear a helmet!