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Coming Soon: A BFG Party

Sophie details a plan for a party inspired by the Roald Dahl book and the new film.

Recently my dear friend Ben contacted me to do a party for his 10 year old daughter.  “She’s into this Roald Dahl book…something with letters…Notorious BFG or something like that,” he said.  I had to stifle a giggle – “It’s just “The” BFG,” I said.

Seeing as Steven Spielberg has just turned this classic novel into a film, I figured this would also be a great party plan to share on my party page.  Sadly, after having re-read, and re-ignited my love for the book, Ben had to postpone the party. In an effort to get the ideas out while the movie is still in theaters, I’m going to turn to the beloved internet for my photographic references.  Rest assured, as soon as we do the actual party, I’ll replace them with our own photos. To everyone out there that has shared their images online – thank you.


Download your favorite BFG image from the web, print it up on a small card that can be placed in a mason jar and sealed with a piece of fabric and string.  On one side of the jar place a little label that says “(child’s name)’s birthday dream”.  If you prefer paper invites you can always write on a background image of a bottle:

 It’s the witching hour,

when all are asleep.

And dreams of adventure,

replace counting sheep.

We’re planning a party.

That’s such fun you see.

As (name) turns (age),

With Roald Dahl’s BFG.

Come to (name’s) BFG party.

Location, date, beginning and end time, any additional information


Any sort of British themed décor will work:  Union Jack,  Big Ben, Tower of London, cut outs of the Queen.  The BFG is a giant, so anything big that can make one feel small: oversized paper flowers or clusters of big paper lanterns, maybe an oversized happy birthday banner. The BFG collects bottles of dreams. If you’ve got them, a shelf full of assorted bottles with little labels would be adorable.  The BFG uses a horn and suitcase. Those could be cute on the entry or food table.


Photo Zone - The BFG has giant ears. Make headbands with huge ears and have each guest don the ears while holding a suitcase, horn and tiny figurine in their hand. Or, if you purchase that cut out of the Queen for décor purposes, give everyone a pair of glasses – let them don a nightee over their clothes, and pose as Sophie with the Queen.


BFG Ears – Cut out big ears from cardstock or foam and glue them to headbands.  Add yarn hair on top if you like.

Decorating Glasses – Decorate dollar store sunglasses with stick on jewels, feathers, lace, trims, etc.

Dream Bottles – The BFG collects and stores dreams in bottles.  Have guests create their own dream bottles by supplying stars, glitter, tiny shells, shiny pebbles, tiny figurines, things that will fit through the bottle opening.  When completed, dry the bottle, have guests title their dream on a brown paper label and apply to bottle.

Whizzpoppers - Noise putty is fun to make and a great way to explore the BFG’s enjoyment of Frobscottle(a bubbly drink that makes you fart!).  Take regular putty/slime into a tight container. Push your finger down into the putty to make a funny sound.

Dream Catchers - simple dream catchers aren’t too hard to make.  

Butterfly nets for dream catching - I was able to find simple nets that the kids could decorate with washi and duct tape.  These can then be used for the catching dreams game below.



Hearing Games - the BFG has incredible hearing due to his big ears. These games play up this notion

What’s making that noise? -  Challenge your guests to a sound contest.  Cater it to your group’s age.  Have guests raise hands and yell out answers or write down their answers on a sheet of paper.  You can download free sound clips from the web or make the sounds live behind a curtain or screen

For example:

Young children – try animal sounds, such as dogs, cats, cows, etc.

Older children – race car, doorbell, alarm clock, computer turning on, running water, toilet flush, etc.

Whisper down the lane - A BFG version of the classic game Telephone.

Dream Games

The BFG delivers dreams every night to little boys and girls around the world. He catches them in the land where he lives and put them in bottles.  He then writes down descriptions of the dreams on paper which he secures to the bottles.  Often the dreams are very silly.   

Funny Dreams - Give each guest a slip of paper and have them write down a place (place in a jar/box marked places), then hand out a second slip and have them write down the name of a famous person, character, or friend/family member (place in jar/box marked people), on the third write an activity, the more detailed the better, like playing basketball on the moon on giant tricycles (place in jar/box marked activity).  When all the slips are turned in and place in the correct jar/box, you can start telling the dreams.  Have people come up one by one and pick one slip from each jar.  Place them in order then read them aloud.

Catching dreams - Use bubbles or balloons and have guests try to catch as many as they can in their nets

Dealing with Giants

Snozcumber Hide and Go Seek - Also known as Hide and Go Squish - Sophie has to hide from the giant Bloodbottler in a snozzcumber.

Tying up Giants - Sophie comes up with a plan to save everyone from the bad giants.  But it involves tying them up. Using the mummy wrap game to see who can capture their giant first.


A Copy of the book

Tickets to the movie with popcorn and treat

For a slumber party, have everyone get nightees

Real dreamcatchers

Glow in the dark stars

Jelly beans – as human beans - use funny terms from the book to make a fun label for the jellybeans -

Warning - contains human beans for giant consumption.  Each box may contain some of the following:

Esquimo – when you want and ice-cream lolly

Chili – when you want to cool off and are tired of Esquimos

Hottentots – when you want something to warm you up

Japanese – for a light snack

Yankee-Doodles – if you are much hungrier

English School Children – for a nice inky book taste