Comic book mod podge coasters at Sophie's World

Comic Book Coasters | You Made It! I Love It!

These coasters make great Father's Day gifts.

Father’s Day can be a toughie for crafters.  Sure...he’s your Dad, and anything you make he will love, but what can make Dad that he will actually use?  

In my exhaustive search to find something other than personalized shaving kits and tie shaped key chains, I happened upon these comic book coasters.  Granted, my Dad would probably curse my name for destroying actual comic books, but with a little help from the web and a good laser printer, I think I might be able to pull off the task without offending my father’s sensibilities.

David at mod podge rocks makes this project look not only easy, but fun.  He seems to be the Coaster King of Etsy, and knows a thing or two about mod podge!  

This project involves a few different activities that I enjoy:

1.  searching through old imagery (you could substitute any vintage item for the comic books, I assume:  magazines, photos, sports cards....

2.  visiting the hardware store

3.  mod podge - the smell takes me back to my childhood.

This is definitely an adult and kid kind of project - but I think the results will make Dad smile a little bit more than another tie.