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23 Jun 2016
Come Get Crafty: A Crafting Tour Update

My Summer Crafting Tour is off to a roaring success!   So far I’ve been to 5 local libraries doing everything from making your own trophy (so the crafters could “read for the win”), to duct tape crafting, to pool noodle creations.

It’s been an awesome experience!  I’ve had grandmothers with grandkids, dads with kids, moms with kids, entire families, school groups, twenty-somethings, and even a few hearty seniors.  The response has been overwhelming!  The best way to describe it is invigorating.  I am blown away by what folks create!  What I love most about teaching is presenting materials and ideas, and then seeing where my students take it. Often I see the most amazing results by just guiding or offering a hand with hot gluing, tape ripping, or x-acto knife cutting.  Truth be told, as much as I like working with duct tape, I really get a bigger thrill from the open ended crafts where “steps” are not as important.  I’m always impressed by other’s visions on how to use crafting materials.

Pool noodle flowers became pool noodle critters

One of the really exciting aspects has been how many little fans have turned up.  Some watch the videos, some are locals who come to all my library events, and some met me at the Maker Faire.   It’s so cool to watch all these different folks from diverse backgrounds connecting with one another through crafts.

I thought I’d share some photos from my most recent crafting adventure.  This was a small library, but the results were huge.  We did pool noodle flowers, rocket flingers, and critters.  By the end of the workshop (which was only supposed to be 1 hour long, but ended up going until the librarians kicked us out 2 hours later) my students were stumbling out with arms laden with entire families of foamy friends and asking when I’d be back again.

So, if you live in the Bay Area, and find yourself looking for something creative to do, make sure to come to one of our free workshops, our schedule is here. Mention the blog or my YouTube Channel and I’ll give you a free t-shirt!