Chunky Fabric Necklaces | You Made It! I Love It!

Sophie loves these chunky, handmade fabric necklaces

I'm not really a jewelry type of gal.  I wear my wedding ring, a watch, and this surfer girl necklace that my mom's dear friend made for me 3 years ago.  That's about the extent of my personal bodily embellishments.  However, I am a big fan of how people adorn themselves, especially when the embellishments are created by the wearer themselves.

The ladies over at How Does She? share a fun summertime project that is fun, spunky, and perfect bar-b-que attire.  These chunky fabric necklaces are super cute and very inexpensive to make.  All you need are some fabric scraps, a sewing source (a machine works best, but it could be done by hand), and some marbles.  This would be a great craft for a teen slumber party or a lazy afternoon pool party.  I could even see using this at some of my corporate picnics - I'd just pre-make the sleeves to expedite the process.  

The steps are easy to follow.  Once the tube is sewn you simply tie knots and insert marbles.  Of course, my mind starts swimming with possibilities on how we can use this project at our upcoming events.  I'm thinking they might be fun in red, white and blue fabric for our annual 4th of July party.  

I hope you'll pop on over to How Does She? and give these necklaces a try.  I mean seriously, what's "knot" to love about them?