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22 Apr 2019
A Charming Event

Recently we did an event at the Ram's Gate Winery in Sonoma County.  It's a beautiful facility. The perfect place for a gathering.  We were hired to offer up a little activity that would do a couple of things:

#1.  Allow people to make and take a small remembrance from their visit.

#2.  Offer up a way for folks to mingle in an organic, non-intimidating way.

We knew our client didn't want the activity to last too long, or take over the evening, so we offered up wine charms.  

If you aren't familiar with wine charms - they are simple little rings that you slip onto your wine glass to remind you which glass is yours when placed in the company of other glasses.  What's wonderful about this craft is that your average person can make one in less than a minute or spend 10/15 minutes getting as creative and extravagant as they like.

I turned to my dear friends over at Amazon to find pretty much everything I needed.  For the project I ordered plenty of wine rings,lots of assorted charms, and pretty beads.  My sister Freda used cupcake tins in two sizes to display all the supplies.  I'm a huge fan of this presentation as it allows easy access, but also keeps items divided and safe for transportation.

To personalize things even more, I took wine corks, sliced them into thin pucks, added a mini eyebolt and wood burned them with the guest's initials.  Of course, as with any time I craft, folks took the materials and used them in a variety of unexpected ways.  Soon I was wood burning full corks that folks turned into key chains, and ladies started making elaborate zipper pulls for their purses.  All in all the evening was a huge success.  

I'm including links to my DIY videos to show you just how easy they are to make.  This is one of those crafts you could easily provide for a wedding, family reunion, or summer picnic.  Just set up a table with all the supplies (maybe minus the wood burner) and let your guests get crafty and creative. 

I can pretty much guarantee no one will whine about the results.