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22 Jan 2018

When my husband and I moved to San Francisco in 1992 we lived in this wonderful little neighborhood called Bernal Heights.  We lived at the top of a hill in this funky, most likely illegal, little in-law apartment.  It was the perfect home for my husband Scott and I.  We loved our 'hood and quickly became part of it.  I started babysitting some of the local kids and slowly progressed to becoming a local fixture at the corner bookstore, where I did story times, and at the Branch Library, where I started teaching crafting.

The other day I received this amazingly pleasant surprise.  A dear friend of mine, who works for one of our long-time clients, stopped by to pick up some party supplies. Lo and behold when I went to give her a hug I discovered that there was a bump in the way!  

Now, of course, my mind is reeling, as I'm quite sure that my beloved client, the expectant mother's boss, is going to want to host a baby shower sooner or later.  Knowing my friend as I do, we are going to want to host an event that is filled with laughter, games, and good wishes.  

My Godson lives in Mexico and loves YouTube.  As with children in the US, YouTube has become his go-to source of entertainment.  Gone are the days of Saturday morning cartoons. He watches videos about everything from unboxing toys, to watching other people play with toys, to putting together complicated lego kits, and now, much to my chagrin, opening surprise eggs.