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29 Jun 2017

I will be the first to admit, I am not what you would call a “girly girl”.  I’m not into manicures, or facials, or spa treatments.  What I am into is science!  I love things that bubble, spark, and brew!  I love things that have texture and smell.  I love mixing ingredients and watching them turn into something new.  Which is why, despite having no interesting in actually using these products, I really enjoy making homemade spa supplies.  

There’s nothing I love more about Summer than the excuse to be outdoors making a mess.  I’m also always on the lookout for fun ways to explore painting with kids.  So when I found Crystal, Jewel and Rosie sharing 5 Ways to Paint with Balloons, I knew I had to jump onboard and spread the word.

It’s been downright HOT in the Bay Area!  I mean heatwave HOT!  I mean, hard to sleep at night HOT!  I mean, break out the water balloons, because it’s time to beat the heat, HOT!

Granted, I live in San Francisco, where it’s "hot" when it reaches 80 degrees, but I figure if we are feeling it, I can only imagine how warm it is elsewhere.  

I can't believe we are only 2 weeks away from the 4th of July!  I swear it seems it was just Easter!  I don't know if it's the product of having a very busy business, or just getting older, but time seems to move at an incredibly rapid rate anymore!

For that reason I wanted to jump on getting out some fun 4th of July You Made Its!  

From what I have observed, fatherhood has changed over the years.  Those stereotypical gifts of the past like ties, tools, and fishing equipment have taken a backseat to electronics and gadgets meant for a wide array of hobbies.