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In the U.S, today is Take Our Daughter and Sons to Work Day.  This amazing event, for children 8-18, is meant to "encourage girls and boys across the country to dream without gender limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives". For my staff and me this is what we have come to refer to as "Halloween in April".  It has become the single busiest day of the year for children's events.

magical playdoh from cometogetherkids.xom | sophie-world.com

I’m planning a 60th Birthday party for an long-time client. In doing so, I’ve been going through all his old photo albums.  While going through these photos, I was taken back to a time when birthday parties were simply a gathering of friends sitting around eating cake.  It was a big deal if there were balloons and party hats.  

20 Apr 2017

The other day my husband Scott sent me an article about a little girl who wanted a Poop Emoji party!

We love sand art at Sophie's World!  It's one of those crafts that pretty much any kid of any age can do by themselves. With the variety of bottles and shaped holders in the market now, there is definitely bound to be something to suit even the pickiest of tweens or teens. When we've get a call for a big crafting table with say 1000 crafters, sand is often a go-to offering.  The only drawback? How to keep the sand from mixing once the creation is done?

13 Apr 2017

Easter was always a special time for me and my family.  It meant sitting in the kitchen with my beloved cousin Greg making fabulous eggs for the next day's festivities.  It meant my mother's pretty handmade clothes to wear to the sunrise service in the park. It meant fabulous Easter egg hunts created by my dear Grammy Yocom.  And it meant the annual lamby cake (which sadly, none of us really liked because of the coconut).

Easter has always had so many fun things to offer: