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jello painting from childcareland | sophie-world.com

Perhaps it’s because I've just spent 10 days with our 3 year old Godson, or just that I’m intrigued by the notion of “edible” art, but I love this post about painting with jello.  I agree, it sounds sticky, but as I’ve always said to folks who worry about mess – plop your kids in the bathtub, or weather permitting, head outdoors - and let them have at it.

Talia in her wedding tutu | sophie-world.com

My husband Scott and I are very blessed to have a little place in Mexico.  It’s really a second home, much more than a vacation spot. We’ve got friends, family, community…..a entire second life.

It’s that very tricky time of the year, when I’m not sure what type of craft to highlight….is it still winter?  Do we start looking forward to Spring?   It’s a bit of a conundrum!  Given that Punxsutawney Phil committed us to 6 more weeks of winter, I think I’ll go with winter.  Forgive me if you are socked in and looking for something to brighten your spirits.  However, this craft is sparkly enough to give that mean old Grinch of a winter a good kick in the toucas.

I have never been a huge fan of what I call “kit crafts".  In fact if I ever buy kit crafts it’s so I can tear them apart and use all the cool pieces in other ways.  However, there are many times where I’ve found kit crafts can save the day.  Case in point, the burgeoning Mission we support in Mexico.   The local kids love to craft, and the Pastor is a firm believer that this helps keep the kids focused and engaged.  This is why, every time I visit, I pack my suitcase with as many kit crafts as I can fit.

If you are familiar with my posts, you know that I adore fun things done with food.  I’m not really what I would call a “foodie” however. I totally swoon over adorable edible creativeness!  When I came across this sweet little strawberry rose, I just couldn’t help passing it on.