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heart shaped rooster from personalcreations.com | sophie-world.com

Last week I received an e-mail from Sherry Chen over at Personalcreations.com, sharing some of their amazingly adorable ideas for Valentine’s Day.  As one who is always on the lookout for inspiration I was excited to receive her note. After checking out the site, I am absolutely thrilled to share it all with you all.  This post appeals to me on so many levels!

winter onederland sign | sophie-world.com

Nothing makes this employer happier than seeing her former employees take what they learned during their tenure and make it their own.  I have always been amazed by the depth and talent of my team members. To see them take wing and fly to even greater heights just makes my heart swell with pride.

It’s about this time of year that I get nostalgic for my hometown on the East Coast.  We are back to having wet winters here is San Francisco, wonderful for the water table, horrible for parties and spirits.  Yes, I know, I’m being a baby, but hey, we out here in Northern California are definitely spoiled brats when it comes to weather.  So when I awaken to yet another dark and rainy morning, I can’t help but let my imagination wander back to my school days, when I’d have my nose pressed against the glass watching the snow fall.

Last week I mentioned that a dear client of mine sent me an array of “pins” to help create her daughter’s Alice in Wonderland party.  As I mentioned in my post she sent me lovely pictures of what was probably a $5,000.00 party. I had, understandably, a more realistic budget. I had to create a party that not only looked good, but was fun to attend.

cereal bird feeder from Handsonaswegorw.com | sophie-world.com

Baby it’s cold outside!  

Sadly the only birds that ever grace my 'hood are seagulls and crows. But my parents live in Sonora, California, where birds of every feather flock together….and all of them are hungry!  So it’s with them in mind that I share this post.