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feathery angel from sycamore stirrings | sophie-world.com

Are you looking for a super simple, yet beautiful Christmas ornament? Look no further than this post on sycamorestirrings.

Recently we were contacted by this really fun company called Universal Yums.  They have an awesome subscription service that provides monthly shipments of snacks, both savory and sweet, from different countries of the world. You can sign up for just one month or a set period of time.  It can be for yourself and your family or you can send the subscription as a gift. In return for sending us a box of goodies, we promised to write a blog and shoot a video about our experience.  So here goes!

tiny thanksgiving table | sophie-world.com

I’m not sure if it’s because I love all things tiny or if it’s because this amazingly cute, entirely edible, turkey table features one of my all time favorite candies - the candy corn pumpkin.  Every Halloween when these tasty little gourds make their way onto the Halloween candy shelves, I treat myself to one bag. I keep them in my vehicle and allow myself a few a day until the bag is gone. I admit, I share them with no one. They are my own secret stash.

It’s been unseasonably warm of late in San Francisco, thank you global warming. The past few days however, have hinted at the arrival of our West Coast Fall.  Being an East coaster at heart, this is the one time of the year when I start to pine for my Philadelphia days; leaves raining down from the skies, the crisp smell of moisture in the air, grey clouds above that hint at an early snowfall. That being said, I don’t miss the static filled "hat head" hair, the constantly dripping nose, or the un-thawable fingertips and toes.  

fan folded leaves from BHG | sophie-world.com

You know, when I started my business 23 years ago, there wasn’t this wonderful world of image/imagination sharing.  If I wanted to make something I had to go to the library or the bookstore to research new ideas and ways of doing things.  Often I would turn to magazines like Better Homes and Gardens for inspiration, as they usually had one or two inventive decor ideas in each issue.