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27 May 2019
50 Simple Woodworking Projects | You Made It! I Love It!

At the risk of sounding like my grandpa Yocom ("when I was a kid, we had to walk 7 miles uphill, in the snow, without a jacket, or shoes to get to the bus stop that would take us to the local school 25 miles away...and we were grateful...") things were just better when I was growing up.  

I went to a public Junior High School that valued not only art, physical fitness, and theatre, but also believed in teaching basic necessary skills like sewing, cooking, typing, and simple auto mechanics.  Twice a week we 7th and 8th graders would rotate through a series of classes that were meant to give us a base for life so we could handle those inevitable curveballs like fixing a broken toilet, changing a fuse, and changing a tire. 

One of my favorite series of classes was what we called the "apprenticeship arts"; this included woodworking, metal shop, and silk screening.  Sadly, kids these days barely get recess anymore, let alone the challenge of sanding a block of wood and making it into something useful.  My mom still has, and uses daily, the wooden napkin holder I made.  I do believe the metal mail sorter I created was deemed too deadly for display after pretty much every member of my family cut themselves on its decorative topper. However, the process of learning how to cut and bend metal was not lost on me and is still a skill I am called to use every now and again in my business.

Thankfully there are sites like Sawshub.com to guide those individuals intrigued by the lure of sawdust.  The idea of actually making something useful with your own two hands can be a very enticing challenge. Knowing how to begin can be a devastatingly daunting task.  Just knowing what tools to choose or wood to buy can be crippling.  I'm sure that 75% of wannabe DIYers give up before they even hit their local Home Depot.  That's why Sawshub.com and their 50 simple woodworking projects is the perfect place to start.  Scroll through to the end of the article where the simplest projects reside, then work your way back through the list.  Here you'll find some fun and useful ideas that won't baffle your mind or break your piggy bank.  And, should you find yourself becoming more and more intrigued by woodworking, the site offers great resource materials on choosing the right tools for your needs.

In my own business, I know that I am seeing a great need for adult handicrafts.  I'm finding that most 20-somethings have never had any exposure to basic household skills.  It really does make me sad that in their early adult years they have to watch a YouTube video to know how to add a drawer pull or change the refrigerator lightbulb.  In a world constructed primarily from prefabbed materials that come out of Ikea boxes, it's nice to know that there are sites like sawshub.com trying to keep the art of woodworking alive.

I hope you'll give their site a look. That "wood" be awesome!  Who knows, you might find out you're not quite as big a blockhead as you think you are.